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Original SV Kohlscheid Home Jersey 1988-1990 #14 - L

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SV Kohlscheid

  • Type: Home Jersey #14
  • Year: 1988-1990
  • Size: L (51,5 cm x 73 cm)
  • Brand: Adidas
  • Sponsor: Bülles
  • Details: Excellent condition, lovely ipswich shirt from lower league team in Germany. Very good sought after template.

The Kohlscheid club played in these beautiful Adidas Jerseys in the late 1980s. SV Kohlscheid is from the town of the same name in western Germany. The jersey is famous for the Adidas Ipswich template. At the end of the 80s 29 teams played in Jerseys with this template, meanwhile this is a classic of the 80s.