About Us

RetrOriginalFootball is the result of a friendship that arose on one of the many football fields in the Netherlands. We became teammates in the U19 of the local football association. From that time, we shared the obsession with the football game and formed a very dynamic (not) duo on the right flank in a 4-4-2 formation for several years. We built a friendship and maintained it over the years while we both left our hometown to study at the university in Rotterdam and Delft respectively. 

We both love everything about the beautiful game and strangely enough, the main clubs we support is one of the biggest rivalries in football culture: Ajax vs Feyenoord. Over the years, more interest in a certain part of football culture has emerged in particular: those extremely stylish football shirts from the past. When one of us bought his first vintage football jersey from the '90s, it became an addiction and so the urge to buy more shirts began to grow. Inspiring the other who also fell in love with the football shirts from the ’80s and ’90s led to the start of RetrOriginalFootball. Through RetrOriginalFootball, we want to spread the love for old football shirts. The classic sponsors, the material of the shirts, the name sets, classic crests, watermarks.... Was everything better in the past?

These football shirts became the relics of football for us. Our football memories are in our heads, but the shirts are tangible. Behind each shirt there’s a story and a memory about that particular match, season or sponsor. We are both 90s kids, so every day we learn about football from back in the days when we grew up. For that reason, it’s incredible to wear a shirt older than we are. It's just wonderful memorabilia from the great history of the game that we love so much all over the world.

We started to showcase our collection on social media, sell classic shirts, trade with other collectors but most importantly: sharing our love for classic football shirts! Due to growing enthusiasm, we founded this site to introduce even more people to our beautiful football shirts and improve the way to showcase our football shirts with RetrOriginalFootball Gallery

Enjoy RetrOriginalFootball,

Hovik & Luuk